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Lucky was created on October 16, 1999 by *Katie* a slightly crazed Bif fan from the United States. *Katie* was sick and tired of seeing Britenny Spears and N'Sync on the only "music" channel she had around, and was pysched when one of her fave singers **Bif Naked** Made her debut on the channel. *Katie* has loved Bif for a loong time before "Moment of Weakness" and I Bificus came out, but she is thrilled that those things have brought alot of new Bif fans around as well. *Katie* created "Lucky-A Bif Naked Fansite" to help spread the word to many Americans, as great people before her Like Jess, Miss Nix, and Cait ((as well as many many others)) were already doing. BIF FANS UNITE!!!

Lucky-A Bif Naked Fansite is owned and operated by *Katie* and her company All That Glitters Inc. "Lucky" is a shaggy song written by the phenomenal Bif Naked (*Katie's* all time inspiration) and is owned by Atlantic Records/Her Royal majesty etc. I am not Bif Naked......I can only dream.
*Katie* does however own Lucky-A Bif Naked Fansite and all it's content, but she is a very good sharer-if people ask nicely

On a hot day in mid June (yes, BiF's B-day month) a small monsotrosity was born in the lovely country of America...her name, was *Katie*...but you don't really care about that, do you. *Katie* is a HUGE Bif Naked fan, and has been since she heard the song "My Whole Life"a while back. When Katie's isn't obesessing over Bif and her music, she also enjoy's listening to the Pixies, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, mxpx, Hole, Rasputina, Rage, Garabge, Kittie, Everclear and lots more awesome music.

*Katie* enjoys theatre alot, and hopes to be a casting director one day for major motion pictures...or a set designer/engineer. Currently she is working on her role in "All's Well That Ends Well" by William Shakespeare

*Katie* does not like abrerombie and fitch (but guys who model/wear it.....that's another story) or any store that gradnly overcharges for the merchandise, but she doesn't mind people who wear such clothes. She is a straight edger, and proud of it. Anything else you feel the grand desire to know, feel free to ask

Pics from l-r: Me and my girl Jennaway, me yelling (what I do best)