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Welcome to the Bif Naked Online Army-our purpose-to become a huge fanclub for Ms.Naked, and make sure that everyone everywhere at everytime is aware of just how great she is...what do you have to do? Vitrually nothing! Just send me some email sayin that you want to join. Then your in! Talk to other Bif Army members....have fun! (Note: We are not a *real* army, and we don't hurt other people, animals etc. NON VIOLENCE! Army just means there's alot of us and we're strong=)

If you have a website, please include the following information. Also, please link to the Army using the badge below
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Fave Bif Song:

Done? Now send it to me

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Note: I am NOT Bif Naked nor affiliated with Aquarias Records or Her Royal Majesty Records in ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY way!!! PUH-LEASE!! Do not sue me or accuse me! I am really a fan! Really!