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Like I said, it's no easy job to run a website...especially a Bif Naked i love to honor those who do...hence, my awards...if you think yer page is eligible then mail me and you could win...

The Keen Bif Site Award

Okay to win this one, yer site has to be pretty well known, as well as have an EXCELLENT know how about Ms. Naked. Also a Keen Bif Site award winner must have a site that is creative and original...not just the same bio/pics etc.

This award's alot harder to win then most of the others...why? Because it is tres' specific on what ya need to win...AWESOME GRAPHICS!! that is what...nice layouts, cool image bars whatever!

This is an award for an all around excellent tribute to Ms.Naked...beautiful layouts, nice touches etc.

This award is more fer websites in the process of building up and being made, but can also be handed out to other sites that are pretty hefty already. A more of a beginner award, but does not always necessarily have to be...

Think you have what it takes.... tell me about it

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