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well i guess the north american rock gods decided to take pity on me, because after failed attempt #3 to see bif naked perform more than one song live (october 29), i discovered that she was coming back to boston in december. i was going to boston anyway that weekend, so the timing was perfect.

so viv and i trekked out to see bif naked again. viv is also a fan of days of the new, so she was pretty psyched. i had just seen filter in new york over thanksgiving weekend, during which a drunk overzealous crowd-surfer kicked me in the eye and i probably bruised a few abdomens with my flailing bony elbows, so THROW ME IN AGAIN i said! well, actually, i knew it was going to be a tamer crowd, so i could concentrate on enjoying the show instead of dodging flying bodies. i'm not a big person at all. in fact, my friends call me "toothpick." "being we little people sucks! fuck you!" (a take off of gross gross man...)
br> okay, so let's just say you were a chocolate addict and people have been dangling godiva truffles in front of your face for months and then snatching them away at the last moment. when suddenly, you get your hands on a box of godiva truffles, you can hardly believe your good fortune, and you start behaving like a starving ethiopian who has just been beamed into an all-you-can-eat buffet. such was my reaction when bif came onstage. yumyumyumyumyum! my hyperactivity (and my misplaced backpack which i had left on the podium) attracted the concern of bif assistant angela. what can i say? i am a walking safety hazard. no, i didn't jump onstage. at the filter concert i would have been on the mellow side. i guess the people at the bif concert were a little more... uh... polite.

so her set was amazing. the energy and interplay with the crowd supersedes anything i've seen before at a concert. during some interludes, she said she was going to get shots so she could visit her dad in india in january. (she inquired if there were any doctors in the audience with vaccines stashed in their packpacks...) and she also mentioned that she was coming back on early spring. yippee! and she also said she was signing autographs after the show.

so during intermission we went to the t-shirt stand (no bif t-shirts --- she said they were stopped at the border)and eventually i got to chat a bit with her. actually, it was more like chattering. viv said that i was the only fan to out-talk bif. (i was incredibly psyched, and when i get incredibly psyched i get incredibly conversational and hyper.) she talked about her bus driver in germany who had a big round belly, and she said she was trying out for a movie which is being produced my the same guy who produced jackie chan's "rumble in the bronx." i told her to check out jet li (the villain in lethal weapon 4), b/c he's majorly hot and is a martial arts god. jet li is doing a movie with aaliyah (the r&b singer) called "romeo must die." i think he and bif should do a movie together.

okay, that's pretty much it, except viv said she wanted to fall asleep during days of the new b/c bif was so good. and we saw bif walk back to her bus right before we were about to go home. she had changed into what looked like an adidas or similar type of warmup suit.