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Canada's Bif Naked looks like a cross between Cleopatra and Joan Jett, and sounds like a cross between No Doubt - and Joan Jett. Born in India, Bif spent years playing in hardcore punk bands and indulging in excessive rock 'n' roll. Now she's cleaned up her act (notice the 'x' marks on her hands), but she obviously hasn't forgotten her hardcore roots.

Maturity and spirituality may have mellowed Bif, but it hasn't done anything of the sort to her music. Her combination of soul-baring lyrics, relentless pure-rock power chords, and punk rock delivery is as irresistible as she is. And despite a somewhat menacing outward appearance, (note the tattoos and piercings) one listen to Bif's music reveals humor and accessibility as well as punk rock aggression.

Moment of Weakness, the irresistible first single off her major label debut I Bificus, currently has the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard and Sonicnet eager to be seen chatting Bif up. It was also recently deemed buzzworthy by those with the magic wand over at MTV. Want to know what all the fuss is about? Check the clips, and be sure to catch Bif when she shows up in a town near you.