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November 6th, 1998 Call the Office. London On.

My friends and I were waiting for Bif at the back of the club, and it was really really cold, so me and my friend soozee decided we would go and get some coffee to keep us warm, so when we came back our friends werent at the back of the club, so we go to the front and they werent there either, they were inside! Bif let them in! so they let us in too, and we just sat there, they said they met her and they are going to get pictures with her, they were just waiting for her cause she had to go pee.

then Bif came back with a bag of oreo cookies for us and we got pictures with her, we talked to her about egdefest and how it's all free food, and how she thinks tailor hawkins is soooo hot, and she showed us pictures of her dogs and her friends. Then she was telling us about the girl that was opening up for her, Bif's her number one fan, Bif thinks she should be on lilith fair.... (i agree! she's got an amazing voice!) She was telling us how the shoes she was wearing in this one picture in the cd were too big for her, and the pics were taken in seattle in the middle of december, so it was really cold. She also told us not to let anyone boss us around.

we talked to her for about 30 minutes, then she had to go, so she gave us a hug and she said to me "thanks for getting coffees and i asked my friend why she said that afterwards and she said that they told Bif that you were getting coffee to keep us warm. She left, and we just sat in the club and listened to sound check, Bifs road crew are soooooooooo cool! we met this one girl that is going out with the sound guy. We talked with her for like an hour, we also talked to her merchandise girl too.

Bif played about 2 hours later, the show rocked!