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Our fan of the month fer January of 2000 is...RICK! Yeah!! Rick is a very nice, very cool, very dedicated Bif Fan. His anwsers were cute and creative, and he rocks! Read on......

1.What is your name?: Rick

2.What was the first Bif song you heard?: "Moment Of Weakness"

3.What did you first think of Bif when you saw her?: i thought that she was hella cool, hella cute, really cool, a great singer and did i mention cool?

4.If Bif was going to get a new tattoo, what do u think it would be of?: well.... maybe permenent STRIGHT EDGE x's on her hands? that would show the world where BIF stands, and i really think that her being STRIGHT EDGE is really great! cuz i don't moke, drink, do drugs.... i eat meat, so i guess i'm totaly not entirly stright :) i'm kinda wavey around the meat part :) hehehehe

5.What is your fave Bif song and why? (This has to be a good answer, none of that "it moves me" stuff-tell me why!!!: it has to be "I DIED" becuz the way the song was put togheter is really great (i play guitar very good, bass, drums, piano and sing.... so i can tell how complacated it must have been working the song out) plus becuz i can totaly relate to it.... it might not have been in a restranunt but the heart got broken in the same way :*( not to mention it's just plainly a damn good freakin song! my fave, i can listen to it over and over again!

6.If Bif was gonna dye her hair, what color do you think it should be and why?: probly a litte red, a little blue, and a little bleached white to match her "PARIS" wrist bands :) hehehehe

7. What do you think Bif's next single off I Bificus should be and why?: it has to be "I DIED" ofcorse, becuz "moment of weakness" showed her punkesh side and "I DIED" would perfectly show her ballad type side, not to mention it's such a good song, i know evreyone would love it.... plus i have a thought of a video for it, that looks realy cool in my head :) hehehehe the video should be set in the same blue lighting like in the CD COVER ya know? i can see it :)

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