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We found a Fan of the Month for January...

All Bif fans deserve credit for being so cool, and knowing that they are cool because we like Bif. We stand up for her when people even try to reduce her to Britenny Spears standard. We know that by liking Bif, we are part of something so big and so great. And everyone of us deserves recognition.....hence the Bif fan of the month contest. All you have to do is anwser the questions below, and I will pick the winner based on creativity etc. etc.....If I get enough people enjoying this, it could turn to Bif fan of the week!! Who knows.....If you have a pic of yourself you can send to us with your entry, do so!! If not, don't worry about it

Copy and paste the questions, then send them to me

1.What is your name?

2.What was the first Bif song you heard?

3.What did you first think of Bif when you saw her?

4.If Bif was going to get a new tattoo, what do u think it would be of?

5.What is your fave Bif song and why? (This has to be a good answer, none of that "it moves me" stuff-tell me why!!!

6.If Bif was gonna dye her hair, what color do you think it should be and why?

7. What do you think Bif's next single off I Bificus should be and why?

Okay get to work!