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On the TV, Roseanne is all upset cause she has to go to some dumb party with Dan. And she has absolutely nothing to wear , and Dan isnít very sympathetic and I feel sorry for her, cause I feel the same way about never having anything to wear. When you feel like you have to look nice. I mean I have my favorite outfit consisting of my green holly hobby dress with the pink buttons, pink ballet tights and my docs, and my hello kitty barrettes..mmhh..or the Arial ones. But you can only let someone see you with a dress like that around your neck once!

-From "Okenspay Ordway I"
Thanks to Miss Nix For the Transcrtiption, find the complete one Here

Yeah Bif can sometimes (ok alot of the time) come off as this tough rock grrl who would never be caught dead in a dress. BUT SHE'S NOT!!! I mean she does have those sides to her but puh-lease! She can be girly at times too

"I love shopping. I'm a girly-girl." she gushes in a bubbly, high pitched voice. Suddenly the 29 year old Canadian singer seems more like the girl next door then a 90's Joan Jett. "People assume I'm a goth girl or a bondage girl because of the way I look. When I first started getting tattoo's, I was in a punk band and into that scene. But I've never been a confrontalist in my life, and never will be."
-Bif from the Nylon interview