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When you see it's a personal fave

Caits' BiF NAKED Page-A very cute site, made by a very very very cool chick...has great stuff like a comprehensive biography on Miss Bif, pinboard, disc & ditties and lots lots more!

Satan's Girlfriend-Yeah Miss Nix!Oh how I love this has it all from the neon chinese font in the beginning, to a HUGE selection of pics (lieterally, this girl has like all the Bif Naked pics in the world) as well as lots of information about Bif...check it out!

The Offical Bif Naked Fanpage-With A name like that, how could this page go wrong? A very very cool site, with lots of offical info and home of the shagadelic offical mailing list!

Bif Naked Online-AHHH! Queen B's awesome page filled with just about everything. It's got excitement, adventure, and very very cool navagation bars. Lots of articles, pics, even an F.A.Q.....very nice..... SITE!! Hehe, has alot of info on Miss Naked, +plus+ an awesome video section...check it out

Metal Queen-Bif Naked-A Very cool site, made by a very nice guy...needs to be updated asap though!

Shoe For Thought-Cool site, with lots of interesting tidbits

Yvonne's Bif Naked Page-Nice site from Europe!

Her Royal Majesty aka Bificus Lair-keen site honoring Miss Naked

Bald Peacock-A neato Bif site that is sure to progress with more time...very cute made by one cool guy...check it out

Kyle's BiF Naked Site-What a cool site! From a HUGE Bif Fan, and yes, it does have BiF's water. Has everything from experiences, to pics to multimedia and links. Great job!

Nelson Park-Come here to see cute pics of Anna and Nikalas!

Christianna's Bif Naked Pics- cute site! Has 2 sets of Bif Naked live pics

Twitch-A Bif Naked Site-Very cute site, just startng out but sure to get better and better as it does! CHECK IT OUT!!!

Bif Naked's Pad: Yahoo Club:Most defintiley for Bif Fans

VioletFire Bootlegs-Get Your own bif email addrress!

-Very cool offical Aquarias site

My Other Sites:
The Unnoffical Daphne Rubin-Vega Homepage-My little (and the only one) website for the beautiful and talented actress who starred in OBC "Rent"...needs to be finished



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