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1.What is your name?


2.What was the first Bif song you heard?

The first time I heard Bif's music was when they were playing a clip of her on CNN. I'm in the army and stationed in Korea and we were watching American CNN and they were talking about how that song was taking over the American airwaves. I was totally taken by her voice the minute I heard of her.

3.What did you first think of Bif when you saw her?

I thought "Me and this girl could be best friends." She is just such an individual and I totally respect her for that.

4.If Bif was going to get a new tattoo, what do u think it would be of?

a butterfly to symbolize her free spirit and so that we could match =)

5.What is your fave Bif song and why? (This has to be a good answer, none of that "it moves me" stuff-tell me why!!!

Well, I love "Lucky" and "I Died" because they're just incredibly great songs, but I would probably have to go with "Any Day Now" because this past year being overseas and doing all this crazy army stuff that I've been doing has been the most challenging, hard thing I've ever done. Sometimes I just want to go outside and scream at the top of my lungs. But I'm getting ready to go back to the states now (I have about 60 days left) and I listen to this song every night. I think it could really be the theme song for my life at this moment in time. So for present day "Any Day Now" would probably have to be my favorite Bif song.

6.If Bif was gonna dye her hair, what color do you think it should be and why?

I think she should die it red because people associate red hair with being really passionate and full of energy, that's Bif.

7. What do you think Bif's next single off I Bificus should be and why?

"Any Day Now" so that hopefully when I get back to the states I can hear it on the radio and sing along and think to myself "I knew I could do it."