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Wow! Bif Naked is making quite the scene in the music industry now-a-days, from her debut album "Bif Naked" to the current smash "I Bificus" Now I will let you see for yourselves what I'm talking about when I say these albums rock

If you don't have real audio, click the above link to download it

Wanna hear a clip from a very cool Bif song? Vampire

* I Died
*Any Day Now
* Moment of Weakness
* Lucky
The Peacock Song
Only The Girl

  • Everything
  • Make Like A Tree
  • Daddy's Getting Married
  • Tell On You
  • Never Alone
  • Over You
  • Succulent
  • My Whole Life
  • The Letter
  • My Bike
  • The Gross Gross Man

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