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March 12, 2000-Actually alot of news since I decided to stop being lazy and get back on this site. First of all Miss Naked will be appearing as herself in the E! Original Movie "Best Actress" on March 19th, at 9 p.m. She is going to perform at the party afterwards, whether this is to be televised or not...I know not. Also, a new EP is going to be released in Canada called "Another 4 Songs and a Poem" containing tracks like "I Died" and "Twitch" on the AMERICAN I Bificus. Bif Naked and co. will also be covering Twisted Sister's "We're Not Going to Take This" on the soundtrack for the movie "Ready to Rumble" coming out soon.

Feb 12, 2000- Bif Naked has a rocktoon!
(my personal opinon: It doesn't look like Bif at all, but hey I am not dissing!) Go view it here

February 6, 2000-I started the news page! Other then that, it is true that Coco Cuthbertson has left as Bif's bassist, and Bif's friend Gail Greewood former L7 bassit will be replacing her. Also, Ms. Naked will be playing on March 3 at the Annual International Stop The Racism concert/awards show in Ottawa. She is in the March Issue of Vouge and the APRIL (NOT MARCH!!!) issue of Teen People.

Thanks to *The Offical Bif Naked Fanpage* , Satan's Girlfriend , and Bif Naked Online for the above info.