Shooting Stars-Bif Naked (Hit Parader)

Bif Naked certainly presents an interesting story-and an interesting sound. Born in New Delhi, India , brought up in an orphanage, transported to North America by two US missonaries and a burgeoning star north of the border this attractive young lady certainly has a strange tale to tell. But now with the release of her debut album I Bificus all of Bif's varied culturual influences have served to inspire her intense , insightful hard rock sound. Featuring such songs as Chotee that delve deep into Bif's complex mind, and reveal her somewhat unconventional outlooks on subjects ranging from bisexuality to abortion , the disc seems perfectley positioned to make this tattooed beat mistress a big star in the year ahead.

"Certainly all the things I have experienced in my life have given my music a depth and meaning that some other performers might not have." Bif said. "It certainly has been strange at times, but it's all I know. It's given me a sense of beliefs as well as beliefs in myself."

Obviously Bif Naked may soon emerge as a powerful spokesperson on a variety of semi-contirversial women's causes. With that in mind, how appropriate is it that she's been heavily involved with this summer's Lilith Fair-the festival that has emerged in the premier showcase of female musical talent in the world. While Bif admits that being surrounded by some of the most important and successful female performers on earth is a somewhat intimidating experience, she is quick to add that after everything else she's gone through in her extraordinary life, she's enjoying every second of her time in the spotlight.

"It's been alot of fun." she said. "Just meeting people I dmire and being able to hang out wiht them has been a great experience. This is something I've dreamed of doing for a long, long time."

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