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A little lost? Don't worry this little handy-dandy sitemap is here to explain things for you....

The Main Frame-the ever shaggy place from whence you came upon my site...a little self explanatoy, don't you think??

Updates-What it says, where I post what's new. These are site updates, as opposed to....

News-Bif news, about herself the band and anything of that nature....

Bif Bio-All about Miss Bif Naked's life, past ,present and a little bit of future

Lyrics-Bif Naked Lyrics for her cd's. Right now I have "I Bificus" and "Bif Naked" complete

Articles-All things Bif, in the world of journalsim

Video-All things Bif in the world of television

Bif Naked On-Line Army-One of the largest, most powerful Bif Naked fanclubs out there....join today

    Army Chat/Forum-A place for the army members to hang out and get ta know one another

    Army Members-THE BIF NAKED ONLINE ARMY MEMBERS...aka people who REALLY rock

Awards-Awards for other Bif Naked Fansites

Contact-How to get in touch with myself, Bif Naked, or management

About Lucky-A Bif Naked Fansite-All about myself, my site and alot about "Rent"...

Images-pretty pics of Miss Bif Naked...broken down into 4 categories
    Lilith Pics-courteousy of, images from 2 of Bif's summer shows...
    Concert Pics-Sent in from various fans of them at Bif concerts
    CD Pics-images from INSIDE Bif's cd's
    Misc Pics-Pics of Miss Naked from mags and other sources

Music-Sound clips from rare cd's "I Bificus", and "Bif Naked" check it out now!

Straight Edge-All about Miss Naked's life as a striaght edger, my life as a straight edger, and links to other straight edge sites

Interesting-Interesting facts you may not have known about Miss Naked....(ie-who's her fave spice girl?!?!?!?!)

Bif's B-day Project-A Special Project by me for Miss Naked's upcoming can join in all the celebrating, check it out

The Band-All About Doug, Sage, Gail (coming soon) and ex-bassit Coco

E-Cards-Bif Naked centered email cards, send one now!!

Wisdom-Excellent to use for a quote....tons of great quotes from Miss Bif that exemplify what an intelligent person she is

Riot Princess Webring-My own Bif NAked webring

Extras-Whoa!! Home made Bif Naked wallpaper and other tasty items here...sighn up for the I Bificus mailing list!

Links-Links to other Bif sites on the www

Link to me/Have A banner made-Exactly what it says

Fan Encounters-Stories and concert experiences from Bif Fans

Fan of the Month-HUGE Bif Naked fan...try to become the Lucky Fan of the Month....

    Christianna & Cait

The Many Sides of Ms.Naked-All about the different sides of Miss Bif, and the fashion trends that go with them

Apperances-Catch Lady Bif in upcoming mags, televisons, or radio's near you...tour dates here too!

Muchas Gracias-All the much deserved thanks to me friends

Talk to me-Umm email me