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One of the many many many reasons that I respect BiF is not only the fact that she doesn't choregraph her music videos, but also because she's one of the few people in this world who knows how to LEARN from her mistakes, and make really cool choices as a result...her choice? Straight Edge Lifestyle. Straight Edge, if ya don't know, is a lifestyle (depeding on what you think) without alcohol, or drugs. In some cases, people choose to add promiscius sex, animal meat, and caffeine, but alot of people stick to alcohol and drugs. Bif Inspired me to become straight edge, a really diffucult decsion for me considering some of my poser "friends" had delved head into drugs and drinking. While I know that Bif isn't entirely repsonsible for this, she did have a big factor in it. It's cool to know that Bif is behind straight edge too.

"self-discipline requires doing what is necessary, when it should be done, whether it iz a pleasant task or not. a straight-edge lifestyle is personal choice. if my coffee consumption ain't straight-edge enough for you… then **** me with a double, skim cappuccino!"
-Bif Naked, I Bificus Liner Notes

"I don't think drinking is for everybody, but I don’t think not drinking’s for everybody, but I got to say, sobriety make heign sight beyond 20/20. And I still think and will always maintain, ALCOHOL IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL."
-Okenspay Ordway

"Being a STRAIGHT EDGE GIRL allows me to DO MY BEST EVERY SINGLE MINUTE and never imparing my body and mind helps me put 150% into EVERY SHOW! AAAARRRGGHH!!! (tee hee)
-Bif Naked, Alloy Interview

"there are many different levels in my personal opinion of straight edged behaviour. I made a decision to be a straight edge in 1995 because it was important for me to have self discipline in my life and it was important to always be really aware of what i was doing and never have impaired judgement, not even for a single second and have that kind of control over myself, because only I can control me"
-Bif Naked, Much Music Interview (Thanks to Christianna for sending me this rockin quote!)

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