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March 12, 2000-Congrats to Samantha who is the March Fan of the Month. I also updated news and am working on a new look for that page. Soon to come-more fan art, links and a few new pics.

March 11, 2000-Added new pics to the misc pic of the month coming soon.

March 2, 2000- NO NO NO NO NO!!! I have not been neglecting this site! But it's been so crazy around here lately...okay WHOLE NEW LOOK for the front page. I HATE FRAMES!! And I love the new image map. Much thanks goes out to and Paint Shop Pro v. 5.0 for helping me create this...more updates coming as soon as play is done..tommorow is opening nite...wish me luck!!

February 24, 2000- Added concert pics today (thanks to Cait) and also am working on updating the fan art page..more to come soon

February 20, 2000-Lots of new site changes today. All image galleries (except for concert) have been updates to thumbnails! Look at how fast those babies load! Also added a new guestbook since the old one wasn't working. SIGN IT!!! And added a fan art section..send me yer fan art!! Soon to come the offical Bif Naked Lucky Network Board...

February 18, 2000-Changed the look of the site today...frames! I am trying this, hopefully it will work. Other then that I added more folks to the army ...and Ms. Jess moved the loverly Offical Site to AngelAudio check it out...more lyrics coming soon and more wallpaper!

February 17, 2000-Ahh! Over the next few days there won't be alot of updates due to PLAY rehersal, but after that i have vacation so alot more should be happening. But today I added some tour dates

February 12,2000-Added a new video segment...New news...BNOA welcomed 7 new members today!!

February 11,2000-Has it really been 5 days without updates?!?!?! Ahh! Hehe, I just got a lead role in a play so I will be quite busy fer the next few weeks, but don't even THINK I will ignore this site =) Anyways, added a Sitemap because I get a ton of emails from folks who don't quite understand the swing of things around here. No promblema...hehe. Also, added the lyrics to "I Died" and "Twitch". I also added a new Misc Pic from Cosmo Girl (a huge muchas gracias goes to Queen B for the pic!!) More army updates coming asap I swear!!!

February 6, 2000-tons of new stuff today...first of all added 3 new pics ro the misc pics section...also linked to a cute new site Bald Peacock..check it out in the links page. Added a news section...why I waited so long...I have no idea. Also created a Awards page...check out the winners (there will be tons more but I am very tired and lazy tonite)

February 5, 2000Added a link to Twitch-A Bif Naked Site. Also changed the about page

February 4, 2000-OH MAN!Lots and lots of updates....first of all, congrats to Cait and Christianna the two Fans of the Month fer February 2000....I also changed the look of the Bifcus page, and welcomed Janet to the army...more updates to come soon!

January 28, 2000-Thanks be to the Great Christianna who sent me the new quote on the Straight Edge page. I also added the Bif Naked Online Army discussion board on the army page. Welcomed Mary and Activity Girl to the online army, and added more much derseved Thanks

January 27, 2000-Added a new section called Straight Edge all about Bif's straight edge lifestyle, check it out

January 26, 2000-Added 5 new Links including Yvonne's Bif Site, Kyles Bif Site and more

January 25, 2000-8,000 and more!! Whooo-hoo! Got my new copy of "Bif Naked" today after the old one was ruined (I HATE cd players sometimes) BiF Naked poster courtesy of Jason arrived in my greedy little hands last Firday, and is produly being displayed on my wall now. Okay, okay site updates. I BEGAN!! (began is the key word) adding lyrics for "Bif Naked" today, and got up to "Daddy's Getting Married". More coming soon. Also totally fixed the Army page so it makes more sense. Also uploaded 3 new concert pics courtesy of my amiga Tara! Okay, more updates coming soon!

January 23, 2000-Welcomed Sera to the Army If there is anything in particular that you would like to see on this site that isn't, or a new section you think I should add, send the idea my way

January 19, 2000- Changed the look of the links page, and added one new banner to link to me

January 18, 2000-Okay changed the look of the mainpage a bit today. Also added Contact page and moved the webrings to the Links page

January17, 2000-Whoa updates gone awry today! Sometimes I Hate tripod....grrrghhh. Okay, anyways...added Queen B's latest fan experience, updated the band's page, added Three new mics pics from incite magazine, and added a new wallpaper to the Extra's. That's all fer now!!

January 16, 2000-My Lord have I been lazy as hell...sorry about the lack of updates but more coming 2morrow....added alot of folks to the Army!

Janury 12, 2000- Mhh not too much of an update, just changed the look of the The Bif Naked Online Army Members site....any ideas on how I can improve the Army/The Site? tell me. Have I told you about a cool chick named Queen B lately? Ummm check out her awesome site Bif Naked Online.....oh yeah , if you guys have any Concert Experiences or Images you want to send to please let me know..... If you are extremely bored later, you can check out the beginning to me other 2 pages , The Unoffical Daphne Rubin Vega Site and Choke-a Kittie Fansite...

January 10, 2000-Alot new today. Created the Of Intrest site filled wiht interesting tidbits about Miss Naked. Also began the Bif Naked Birthday Project for Bif's 30th Birthday occuring this working on fixing the army, and added 5 new pics to the Misc Pics section

January 8, 2000-Whoa lots of updates today---Added 2 new articles to Bificus the polictically incorrect transcript, and the Interview magazine interview. Also added our Fan of the Month for January....RICK!! Congrats!!ALSO added Queen B's fan experience.....more to come soon

January 6, 2000-Added the Many Sides of Bif page

January 4, 2000-Happy new year! Okay, so I am thinking of a new look for the site, and I have a few ideas...tell me what you think... Look here. Also added image credits on the Misc Pics and I am adding 1 new articles from Nylon magazine-thanks to Queen B for the awesome scan!....

December 28, 1999-Yeah! I got "Okenspay Ordway" (even though it hasn't come in yet) I hope everyone had a rocking holiday season. Anyways, I am in the process of adding image credits, and updating the wisdom section. New images from Alloy being uploaded soon!

December 23, 1999-3 days until Christmas and hopefully "Okenspay Ordway" is somewhere under the tree for me =) Anyways, alot of updates. Added a to the wonderfully adorbale Bif site
Metal Queen you should most definitley check it out. Also, totally fixed the Sounds you can listen to all the songs from I Bificus and Bif Naked. fixed the Lyrics page as well...working on adding more images. Whoo! Very tired.

December 19, 1999-Added the fan of the month, where any Bif fan can submit there anwsers to the questions to become FAN OF THE MONTH. Also added to the links site. Oh yeah! New info on Bif's Polictically Incorrect show, at TV apperances AND welcomed Liquidmoonchild to Bif Naked Online Army

December 11, 1999-Okay, added info about concert experiences -if you have been to a Bif concert/and or met Bif and want to share your story with other Bif fanatics, email me and I will put it up asap. Also fixed the Links page

December 7, 1999-Hey! Okay, added a very very basic page for Coco, Doug and Sage which will be improving as I get more information. Click here to see the beginning. Also uploaded three new pics and fixed the Apperances site. Got to go, watching The Princess Bride now......

December 6, 1999-Hehe, hit 3,000 a few days ago! Yeah!! Anyways, added a Lyrics page for "I Bificus"....more stuff on the way!!!

December 4, 1999- Almost 3,000 today! I am so happy! Anyways, I added a new section for your viewing pleasure filled with video's and other great stuff. I also added 2 new members to the army, and a few links. You'll also start to notice alot of those cool pull down menu bars around the site, to make navagation easier, like the one above....

November 27, 1999- WOAH!!! Over 2,000 today I am one happy girl =) Anyways, we welcomed many new people to the On-Line army today, as well as uploaded about 13 new images to the gallery and finished the About Site AND added a new wallpaper to the Extras site

November 24, 1999- Have I mentioned how I love you all so much recentley!! You have made this so much fun! I adore all Bif fans everyhwere who have emaile/imed all those nice comments to me about my rock! NEWAYS, the bif Spiffy Bif/ Online Army merger has happened, so now regardless of whether you have a website or not, you can join the Bif Naked Online army, fastes growing Bif fansite around. Go here to join. Okay, added the About section, as well as fixed the Bificus section. Will be scanning 2 cool new Bif pics asap...get ready for the bif chat at coming up December 15th...hope to see you all there.....

November 13, 1999 AHHHHHHH!!! We went over 1000 today! BAHHH!!! I am so happy (okay, stop laughing at me now) Anyways, I changed the look a wee bit (like it?) and added a few new features. Also added Jessica, Slayerette, Tonya and a few more peeps to the Spiffy Bif FC members list....did you see bif on SMF3D??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It was rockin!

November 12, 1999 YEAH!!! 931 today!!! Hehe, anyways I have done some updating....added the Members page to the Spiffy Biffy FC-And while on that note, I think I am going to open up the On-line army to everyone regardless of whether you have a website or if you want to join, click Here

November 6, 1999-Whoa, did alot today (counter hit 747!!!) okay, I created the postcard section so make sure you send some out today, and I also created the link to me/have a banner made section. If you have a Bif Naked site, but you need a banner for it, ask me nicely and I will be more then happy to make one for you....okay, bye for now!

October 30, 1999- Added the Riot Princess Webring Join today! Also added images, and added a small blurb about BIf in TV GUIDE to the articles

October 25-Not much, just finally got the On-Line army up and running, so if you have a site and would like to be added, email me and let me know!
Thanks! *Katie*