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One of the reasons I got so hooked on Bif was her lyrical style. She has this unique perspective on taboo issues in today's culture, yet she remains undaunted. Below you will find some of my fave quotes which Bif has spurred. I hope you find them as inspirational and meaninigful as I have

"No complaining!!Are you starving? No? Then,let's have a little perspective,shall we? See a therapist. Switch to decaf. Lay off the pills. Try some stretching. Take five. Have a time out. Write it down.Make a painting.Have a hot bath. Quit hanging on to past hurts.Forgive all to get over all and get on with it!Puh-leeeze! Develop some humor.Laugh it off. Yuk it up. Don't be mean. Karma is instant.There is no coincedence.Live today.

"Everything happens for a reason and that's good to remember coz the music business is really, really weird."

"I don't know how anyone could get sick of their own songs, especially if they all have a message in them."

"When I'm 30 I want a baby. And no zits."

I've had a bunch of people come up to me and say "In an ideal world, we'd get to see BiF Naked every night." They're either perverts or big fans of my concerts. Or both. I guess the next best thing to a live show is listening to my CDs (I've got two now!!! Cool, eh?)

"You want some advice? Here's some advice, Bucko! Eat yer food. Move yer bowels. And, when you are tired - go lay down!"

Well that's it for now...if you haven't had enough Bif Naked quotes I suggest you go listen to either albums. There is all the wonderful poetry/humour/intelligence/wit you can find in one place.

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